We're passionate about your productivity

At Doist we passionate about helping people manage their tasks and projects more effectively. Our focus is on building simple tools that support you in controlling your task-flow and collaborating on shared projects.

For personal task management, we developed Todoist, which organizes, schedules and prioritizes personal tasks simply and intuitively. Wedoist, our project management solution, uses the same streamlined approach to help groups assign and follow up on tasks within collaborative projects.

Together, Wedoist and Todoist manage millions of tasks and projects for hundreds of thousands of individuals and companies. Our tools are private, secure, and trusted by Fortune 100 company employees at Citi, IBM, HP, Bank of America, Gillette, and more.

Doist includes talented people from all over the world. Like our customers, we connect and collaborate online to make great things happen.

Our mission is to improve our users' productivity with the best task- and project-management tools in the world.

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